Does God want you to be rich?

While researching the topic of prosperity in the book of Proverbs for a sermon this weekend, I ran across an article in Time magazine called, “Does God Want You to be Rich?” Included are some interesting statistics based on a national survey of Christians in America.

God wants people to be financially prosperous. 
Agree: 61 percent
 Disagree: 26 percent

Material wealth is a sign of God’s blessing.
 Agree: 21 percent
  Disagree: 73 percent

Poverty can be a blessing from God. Agree: 45 percent
 Disagree: 49 percent

Jesus was not rich, and we should follow his example.
 Agree: 48 percent
 Disagree: 44 percent

If you give away your money to God, he will bless you with more money. 
Agree: 31 percent 
Disagree: 63 percent

Christians in the U.S. don’t do enough for the poor. 
Agree: 49 percent
 Disagree: 43 percent

Giving away 10 percent of your income is the minimum God expects.
 Agree: 39 percent
 Disagree: 57 percent

Any surprises?

And then there is this thoughtful treatment of the topic, a Master’s thesis entitled A Study of Poverty and Prosperity in the Book of Proverbs.

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