A Better Year Ahead? 10 Ways

Mel Lawrenz is Teaching Pastor at Elmbrook Church and the author of A Better Year Ahead? Opening Our Eyes to Hope (revised edition), looking ahead to 2022. This time last year we were all thinking how difficult 2020 was and that it will be so good to get to 2021. Yet 2021 presented its own challenges, …

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What Have We Learned from 9/11?

[A sermon shared with Elmbrook Church the Sunday after 9/11/2001, based on what Psalm 25 says about treachery.] FACING TREACHERY A message given at Elmbrook Church, September 16, 2001Mel Lawrenz, Senior Pastor We have been through a harrowing week. It is good that we are here to worship today. Every evening since Tuesday hundreds of …

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Scripture in Practice

In this message Mel Lawrenz talks about the practicalities of making Scripture a normal pattern of the Christian life. NOTE: For one more day (until April 15, you can download a FREE copy of the books How to Understand the Bible and How to Study the Bible on Amazon. But only through April 15. SCRIPTURE …

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For the Easter Season

A Prayer for Lent, the Days Leading Up to Easter Lord,In the days leading up to Easter we want to contemplate and understand more fully the suffering death of the Lord Jesus whereby we are forgiven and his glorious resurrection whereby we are empowered to live.This great mission to heal a broken world was your …

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Dealing with Life’s Anxieties

We live in an age of increasing worries and anxieties. Jesus’ words “do not worry” from the Sermon on the Mount are very familiar to us, but what did he actually mean? If we look closely, we’ll see how Jesus provided a detailed and practical lifestyle that will lessen the oppression of worry and anxiety. …

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For those who grieve

READER RESPONSES toA Chronicle of Grief: Finding Life After Traumatic Loss by Mel Lawrenz “Beautifully written. No platitudes, just hard-won wisdom and truth. It gives hope to those grieving, and help for those walking alongside them.” “I came away from this chronicle of grief with renewed hope and encouragement. I’ve read a lot of books …

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Devotionals for the Easter Season

Reader Comments for Knowing Him: Devotional Readings for the Easter Season by Mel Lawrenz… Easter devotionals for adults and kids… The author takes each day and helps you to understand why it is so important for us to know Christ in an intimate way. The book is well written and is easy to understand. Understandable …

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Peace from God

Mel Lawrenz is Teaching Pastor at Elmbrook Church. He just published A Better Year Ahead? Opening Our Eyes to Hope, looking ahead to 2021. ________________ These well known words from 1865 are engraved on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial. “With malice toward none, with charity for all… to do all which may achieve and cherish …

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