Scripture in Practice

In this message Mel Lawrenz talks about the practicalities of making Scripture a normal pattern of the Christian life.

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I. The Bible in Everyday Life
A. the Word of God is living, and active, penetrating, and discerning Heb. 4:12
B. the Word of God is for
1. teaching – showing us truth and life
2. rebuking – telling us when we are off-track
3. correcting – getting us back on track
4. training in righteousness – helping us stay on track   2 Tim. 3:16
C. the Word of God must “dwell” in us, but how? Col. 3:15

II. The Practice of Scripture Reading
A. the best Bible translation is the one you will actually read
B. figure out the time and place that is best for you
C. read regularly, with prayer, at a reasonable pace
D. don’t get bogged down; don’t give up
D. read introductions to Bible books
E. take time to reflect

III. How to Understand the Bible
A. get a general understanding of the whole of Scripture (the forest before the trees)A. always try to understand the context of what you are reading
B. look for connections throughout Scripture (synthesis)
C. compare your understanding with that of others (friends, experts)
D. beware of false teaching (opportunism, speculation, legalism)E. making knowing God and the truth of God your objective

1 thought on “Scripture in Practice”

  1. Thank you for giving simple easy to put into practice methods for getting the most out of our Bible reading. Even those of us who are veterans of many years of Bible reading need these words of wisdom to encourage us to stay the course.

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