For grief group facilitators — a free examination copy

As you well know, people in deep grief are not looking for some kind of answer. They do not benefit from friends and relatives who try to cheer them up by “looking on the bright side of things.” They want to know there is nothing wrong with them. They want to understand what is happening to them and whether things will get better down the road.

They want to know they are not alone.

There are many books about grief that can help. A real-life story can go right to the heart.

In this narrative of grief, Pastor Mel Lawrenz chronicles how his family struggled to survive the sudden death of their beloved daughter. In raw, vivid episodes, he describes the immediacy of the pain and the uncertainty of what comes next. In the agony of traumatic loss, Lawrenz apprehends the realities of love and life and offers insights on how to navigate our life priorities before or after tragedy hits.
You are not alone. You too can find a way forward.


  • “Beautifully written. No platitudes, just hard-won wisdom and truth. It gives hope to those grieving, and help for those walking alongside them.”
  • “I came away from this chronicle of grief with renewed hope and encouragement. I’ve read a lot of books on grief over the years, but I would rate this one at the top. Authentic, truthful, and overflowing with hope.”
  • “This book is extraordinary. It is raw and real and at times hard to read, but it is also full of insight and hope….”
  • “As a mother who lost her son to suicide two years ago, I felt this book was honest, insightful and consistent with the best grief counseling available.”
  • “I have already given away several copies of this book to grieving parents. It’s beautifully written and searingly honest while offering hope for a life beyond loss.”
  • “It’s beautifully written, and it left me feeling hopeful and grateful for the advice that all of us will need at some point in our lives.”
  • “I read the book before I gifted it to my friend who lost her husband after a long illness…. Anyone who has suffered a loss in life will benefit from his thoughtful and heartfelt words.”
  • “Deeply moving, providing the reader with a path through their grief and sorrow. I highly recommend buying two -one to read/mark up, and the other to give away.”


“Mel Lawrenz has, by some alchemy of grace and daring, taken the harrowing pain of losing his beloved daughter and turned it into healing balm. A Chronicle of Grief deserves to stand alongside C. S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed, Gerald Sittser’s A Grace Disguised, and Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Lament for a Son as an experience of rawest sorrow transmuted into a testament of deepest hope. Profoundly moving and profoundly life giving.” (Mark Buchanan, author and professor.)

How to get a free examination copy

If you are involved in grief counseling, or coordinate a group, or work as a professional counselor or pastor and would like to consider A Chronicle of Grief for the people you are helping, you may request a free examination copy using the simple form below.

If you simply wish to purchase one or more copies of A Chronicle of Grief, you can find it at Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, or any other retailer. You will find it in softcover, ebook, or audio book formats.

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