Conflict – you’re surprised?!?

Most leaders and most congregations are smart enough not to view conflict as fatal. Congregations want their leaders to work out problems. We ask people not to give up on their marriages and to avoid divorce, and they expect leaders to try to work out difficulties in the church. They look to leaders and say: we know you have the ability to use conflict as a growth opportunity, and we expect you to do so.

A Christianity Today survey of pastors indicated that, on the other side of conflict, when the dust has settled, they can see many positive outcomes.

What were the positive outcomes of the conflict?
72% said they became wiser
44% said the conflict was a purifying process
42% said the church gained a more defined vision
35% said there was now better communication with the congregation
30% said relationships were stronger
16% pointed to reconciliation
15% said there was growth in church attendance

In the same survey pastors were asked: What were your feelings about the outcomes of the conflict?

60% said they felt stronger
35% said they were more hopeful
32% said they were thankful
26% said they were broken
16% said they were confused
9% said the conflict is not over

FACT – Almost all the leaders (94%) reported some kind of positive results from the conflict they experienced.

What do you think?

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