Hearing the Call of God

One of the most incredible aspects to a life of faith is that the believer is not out searching for God like some archaeologist trying to uncover a hidden and moss-covered mystery. God is searching for us. More than that, he calls us. Think of that. He calls us. He knows us because he created us, he loves us because he loves us (not because of some external or internal necessity), and he calls us by name because he wants to arrest our attention, turn our heads, and close the gap. Now and forever.

It is not merely that he calls us to a job (though “vocation” is the result of the voice [Lat. vox] of God), and it is not just that he calls us to salvation (though that is the most dramatic summons any of us ever receive). He calls out to us again and again and again. Calls us to serve, to go, to sacrifice, to believe.

The question is: are we listening?

Recently I gave a message on this at Elmbrook Church, one that has been on my heart for years. If you’re interested you can view the video or download the audio here.

Also, there is an interesting discussion with Francis Chan about his surprising and abrupt decision to leave his church for a new calling here.

Finally, a classic on this topic is Os Guinness’s book: The Call.

1 thought on “Hearing the Call of God”

  1. A most important reminder. God is always “previous”, always out in front and beckoning us to follow. We enter into the wake of where he has already sailed.
    Os Guinness’ book is one of the best I have ever read on the subject.

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