Come with me

Come with me to Cape Town. Seriously.

In one week I leave for Cape Town, South Africa to be part of a historic event: the Third Lausanne Congress on World EvangelizationAnd I’d like to take you with me. I want to be your eyes and ears through frequent postings on Facebook, Twitter, The Brook Letter (email), and the blog, The Brook Network. And I want to bring your thoughts and questions to the table.

You see, what is going to happen there is 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 countries of the world convening in a 10 day congress to work on some of the major issues of the day: world religions, poverty, apologetics, restoring integrity to the Church, HIV/AIDS, persecution, living in a pluralistic world, and more. In short–what does it really mean to live as a witness for Jesus Christ in the world today?

This will be the widest representation of evangelical Christianity in history, and there will be observers in attendance from the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches, and other groups.

I really mean this… I want to bring you to South Africa: into the presentations, the discussions, the debates. And I will be paying close attention to your responses, bringing your questions and thoughts to the table.

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I’ll show you what I’m seeing with pics and video and tell you what I’m hearing.

One thing I have seen in thousands of people over the years: when you enlarge your world you enlarge your heart and your mind. This is a time to become greater people! Don’t miss out. This is for all of us.

And if I can be the eyes and ears of other people or groups you know, use the SHARE/SAVE button at the bottom here. This will not be a travelogue, but a flow of dynamic reporting and interactions.

Mel Lawrenz

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