Disappointment with China

Today the World Evangelical Alliance issued this statement of disappointment with China.

News Release

October 17, 2010

The WEA is very disappointed over the absence of the Christian Delegation from China at the Third Lausanne Congress

As 4,500 participants from around the world gather together for the Third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is very disappointed that the Christian delegation from China is not with us. The input from one of the most significant nations will be missed. The presence and contribution of Chinese delegates would have enriched all the Congress participants and contributed to a more complete understanding of our common humanity and the diversity of ethnicity and cultural expression that enriches us all.

The WEA recognizes that every country is different and needs to work out how best to organize itself, while also recognizing our inter-dependence on a small planet: including agreeing about some common values. Christian people who live out their witness to Christ have an especially significant and positive influence on all our nations.

We welcome the growing freedoms that Christians in China have enjoyed in recent years. We are deeply encouraged by the continuing growth of the Church in China: the global Christian community has much to learn from the vibrant testimony of the Church in China to the life and work of Jesus Christ.

Christian people everywhere make good citizens by contributing entrepreneurial energy to the social, economic and moral life of the nation. Christians in Mainland China make an important contribution to the welfare of China.

We are praying that, despite the disappointment of missing the Congress, all Christians in China will continue to make a very significant contribution to the welfare of their nation and the world, and continue to work for reconciliation and to manifest the unity of the Body of Christ in all its rich diversity.

1 thought on “Disappointment with China”

  1. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, aka against power (power in and of itself) and principals (theories, ideologies, doctrines, beliefs, cults etc., etc.).

    Sanitizing Communism/Atheism…

    Undebatable it is extremely dangerous to be a Christian in Communist Red China. Would one expect a communist country to be gracious to the very antithesis of it’s atheistic creed to dominate and oppress mankind?

    I use the title, “Communist Red China” purposely. Omitting the words “Communist” and “Red” from the title of Communist Red China serves to A), politically homogenize their political policies with other global governments and B), minimize their Godless history and future Godless goals to the point of sterilizing their reputation. It is absolutely the goal of every Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist/Maoist and every atheist to undermine righteousness for it’s own ill gotten morally bankrupt gain.

    Mainstream media rarely if ever still use political references and titles of Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Maoist countries. It’s no coincidence when considering that main stream media is over run with Communist/Socialist//Marxist/Maoist who’ve cleverly disguised their bent as “Progressives” , now. Our politically correct main stream media is sanitizing, homogenizing and camouflaging atheism’s evils via POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

    Our own U.S.A. is being overtly attacked daily by these Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist/Maoist and atheists living in this country at an alarming rate more so in the last two years but they are being exposed group by group and individual by individual by people who knowingly and unknowingly believe in Gods righteousness for living. Our Declaration Of Independence and U. S. Constitution are unmistakably testaments to Gods righteousness. Without those two documents of freedom we wouldn’t be able to freely practice Christianity in this country.

    Would everyone that ever mentions to anyone the name of a known Communist country please use it’s full title. For countries that don’t use the words Communist or Socialist in their title but do practice it’s politics please for the sake of anti political correctness identify them as such. Like wise it would be prudent to identify a Muslim country as Muslim. Keep in mind that these countries make no bones about clearly identifying Christianity/Christians when persecuting them.

    If anyone thinks that political correctness isn’t undermining Christian values you need to read the following white paper: “Academia Address by Bill Lind. Variations of this speech have been delivered to various AIA conferences including the 2000 Conservative University at American University.” and watch his video.
    http://www.sullivan-county.com/wcva/index2.htm (white paper)
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8630135369495797236# (video)

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