Thoughts from Cape Town 2010

Thursday and Friday at Cape Town 2010 have thus far included some memorable ideas, facts, and quotes:

One third of the people on the planet are under aged 15.

“When we freeze water, we make ice cubes. When God freezes water, he makes snowflakes–each one different.” – Vaughn Roberts

“Globalization is the greatest challenge to and opportunity for the gospel since the age of the Apostles.” – Os Guinness

“The prosperity gospel is nothing less that a shocking delusion.” – Femi Adeleye

“Life is a pilgrimage between two points of nakedness. We should travel light and live simply.” – Femi Adeleye

And then, a number of quotes from Christopher Wright in what will surely go down as a seminal address at Cape Town 2010 in an address on restoring humility, integrity, and simplicity to the church:

“To be obsessed about your status is sheer disobedience.”

“The greatest problem for God, in his redemptive program for the world, is his own people’s idolatry.”

“We attack the world and ignore our own failures.”

“There is no biblical mission without biblical living.”

“Integrity, humility, and simplicity are the guideposts to unity.”

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