Food Courts and Bethlehem Skies

Millions of us have watched one or more of the viral videos of people in public places being surprised by a covert choir starting the Hallelujah Chorus or some other major production (called “flash mobs”). The places have been shopping malls, train stations, outdoor squares. What is really great is watching the surprise on people’s faces. And the delight. The delight at seeing something wonderful emerge right in their midst–meticulously prepared, kept secret, and then revealed. Here is one at a mall food court.

Christmas should be about surprise and delight–certainly that’s what happened at Bethlehem. The birth of Jesus was predestined (pre-arranged) before time began. Hidden from sight. And then, on one specific moment in the human story, unveiled. The singing begins. Delight spreads across faces. (Though today there are many ways we let the delight get stolen.)

C. S. Lewis’s phrase says it all: “surprised by joy.”

What is one way in which the birth of Jesus has brought delight to you? Have a comment?

4 thoughts on “Food Courts and Bethlehem Skies”

  1. Laurie Hapanovich

    When was the last time you held a newborn baby in your arms? Now think about God becoming man in the form of a baby. It’s like the hallelujah chores.

  2. The Christmas Story is the most beautiful story I know. It anchors my Christmas and my life. Thank you, God, for these beautiful chapters in a story You have been telling since the beginning of your creation. Thank you, Jesus, for coming to earth in this most humble way and for coming into my life as Savior and friend.

  3. I was very pleasantly “surprised by joy” upon watching this video, and quickly forwarded it off to several people….something I don’t usually do. Thank you for sending it to me

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