Effective Communication

Kem Meyer on Less Clutter. Less Noise. Part 2

In the second half of this interview, Kem Meyer discusses her book, Less Clutter. Less Noise. and why effective communication is so essential to effective churches and successful leaders. “Treat people as if they’re smart,” says Kem. Sometimes even communication with the best intentions becomes noise…and gets ignored. “As a professional communicator, at the end of […]

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Where Good Ideas Come From

I find Steven Johnson interesting. He looks at science, culture, and history from a particular perspective, wanting to figure out how really great ideas develop. (This is not a spiritual or religious perspective.) He’s been talking recently about how the connectedness we have today through new forms of communication is a great opportunity for partial

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The Innovator

[It has just been announced that Steve Jobs has died. This post was written earlier this year.] It’s sad to hear that the ugly disease of cancer (or its after-effects) has forced Apple CEO Steve Jobs into a medical leave. He’s only 55 years old (I say “only” because that’s how old I am) and

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More Effective Sermon Conclusions

This week offers some practical help on making sermon conclusions more effective. For instance: Use an argument. Anticipate the objections the audience might have and logically refute them. Use a warning. Warn them of the consequences of disobedience. Use indirect conviction. A good example is the story of Nathan and David (2 Samuel 12).

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The crucible of preaching

A quote from M. Craig Barnes (author of The Pastor as Minor Poet: Texts and Subtexts in the Ministerial Life): “The best preacher is always the local pastor. He or she is the one who is skilled not only in the exegesis of the Bible, but also in the exegesis of the congregation. This is

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Leadership and Emotion

To what degree should leaders either show or overtly use emotion as part of their leadership? This very point is being debated widely (and emotionally!) in the media today over President Obama’s personal response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. One side pleads for an emotional front face on the crisis, the

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