Kem Meyer on Less Clutter. Less Noise. Part 2

In the second half of this interview, Kem Meyer discusses her book, Less Clutter. Less Noise. and why effective communication is so essential to effective churches and successful leaders.

“Treat people as if they’re smart,” says Kem. Sometimes even communication with the best intentions becomes noise…and gets ignored. “As a professional communicator, at the end of the day I have done my job well if I have learned something new.” To be an effective communicator, or an effective leader, you have to be a constant student of people.

Kem Meyer is a recovering corporate spin doctor who used to think church was for out-of-touch people who just needed to “get a life.” Now? She believes the local church is the hope of the world-it just needs some help. As Communications Director at Granger Community Church, Kem leads creative, information and technology teams to champion a clear, cohesive and unified experience across departments and campuses. Her book, Less Clutter. Less Noise. (in its 4th printing) provides simple insights to the not-so-simple art of communication to help churches, businesses and not-for-profits find ways to get the word out and, simply, do better.

Did you miss part 1?  Listen to it here.

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