Dealing with a Difficult Job

More than 100 of you made comments in the post “Vocation or Vacation.” The comments were revealing, encouraging, and heart-rending. I ask myself, what can a person do who feels trapped in a very difficult job? Easy question to ask, hard to answer. Here are some thoughts that line up with the message on the book of Proverbs [outline]:

1. Dignity: Hold your head up when you know you’re working hard.

2. Contentment: Seek proper remuneration, but be realistic. (may need to change jobs)

3. Blessing: See your work as service.

4. Autonomy: Be industrious and be your own person.

5. Patience: Save a portion of your income.

6. Profit: Be a person of action, not just talk.

7. Self-control: Govern your cravings.

8. Influence: Try to gain more skill in your work to the degree that’s possible.

9. Focus: Pay the bills, then add the flourishes.

10. Purpose: When you work, work.

If you’re interested, this is expanded in the message “Wise Up About Work.”

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