Applying “Taking Initiative”

Check back here for questions and comments applying part 2 of “Deepen Your Influence – the Online Seminar.”

After you view the seminar segment (“Taking Initiative”…)

Where do you find the very best ideas for the work of influence and leadership? [comment below]

If spiritual influence includes “making things right,” what is one way in which you have seen that in action? [comment below]

Have you experienced a time when crisis was an opportunity to have spiritual influence? [comment below]

2 thoughts on “Applying “Taking Initiative””

  1. I find that the best ideas for work and influence come from taking inventory of my immediate surroundings.

    Who is in need . . .
    What needs fixed . . .
    Where are the issues, or conflicts that need resolved . . . ?

    Upon taking inventory of these items seriously – ‘Spiritual Influencers’ will find ideas and ways of networking through God to solve these needs everywhere.

    And be mindful of this, God will supply our needed strength and resources for these items if we are tenacious and diligent to minister His grace and mercy.

  2. My answers:
    1. I get the best leadership Ideas from interaction with godly leaders and more specifically those who have an affinity towards discovery of new leadership concepts. I am constantly on the lookout for such leaders. Apart from that my daily devotional time many times yields amazing ideas.
    2. Spiritual influence involves making things right; We have been doing an outreach to a public girls high school, when we started out the rate of girls dropping out due to early pregnancy was higher than the drop out for fees,(yet the school is for the under privileged ). God gave us an unconventional idea for outreach; we decided to take over the health club in the school instead of doing the usual chaplaincy. 2 yrs later, this year not more than 2 girls dropped out as a result of being taught on how to make things right in taking care of their health God’s way. This has given us immense credibility with the school community as a result many girls have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.
    3. I remember during the Post election crisis in Kenya (2008) As a church community we felt inspired to do a certain sermon series in all our campuses- a key take out of the series was to challenge our congregants to sacrificially avail their resources towards a 40 day peace caravan around the country, amazingly other churches got wind of it and indicated their desire to join in, in a matter of days tens of churches had joined in and a massive peace caravan was flagged of in the midst of a tense and chaotic environment. The initiative was so successful that our senior pastor was interviewed about it on national TV, in many ways it contributed towards releasing an atmosphere of peace in an environment of tension and chaos.


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