11 thoughts on ““Called Out of Hiding””

  1. Your semon was very appropriate for us today. I was thrilled to have you back preaching. Sure hope your scheduled to do the series. We need your wisdom.

  2. It is great to see Pastor Mel in the pulpit. It is interesting to see the depth of study that you put into digging into the Scripture to make its meaning and application clear. I have been a Christian for over 50 years and a student and teacher of the Bible, but your sermons are always enlightening and most often geared for me.

    Thank you.

  3. Mel, thank you for coming back to us and speaking this weekend! You have once again challenged my faith. It is good to have you back–you not only inspire us, but the Elmbrook pastoral staff, as well. God knows what we need to continue to grow in faith, and you–spending time with us–must be part of his plan. Looking forward to the 40 day journey with our Elmbrook family!

  4. It was a pleasure to have Mel share his message. It seems we are all hiding from lots of things. I need to reflect on the Grace provided by our Savior, Christ.

    Thank you Lord, thank you Mel.

  5. Two words.

    Oh WOW!!!

    Thanks for this! I have a feeling that this series is JUST what I was needing to pick me up after the sudden passing of my wife of 19 years.

    God Bless!!

  6. Joyce Carroll Deer

    Thank you Mel for delivering God’s message of being called. For me personally it means called to love people through healing as my career has led me into prison. Correctional healthcare that is helping those who’s needs are greatest in mental health as well as physical and spiritual health but, our society does very little to promote the rehabilitation and prevention. I enjoy rising to the challenge of caring for this difficult forgotten and mistrusting population. Similarly, I find myself hiding from engaging in deep intimate relationships due to trust issues. Hiding my inner feelings in the depths of food for all emotional ties to eating when happy,sad,full and most definitely empty…even though I know Gods truth and love for me sometimes he’s not first or even second in my life in the very moment I’m hiding in my sinfulness.

  7. This message is really appropriate for me. I was hiding from God and turned back a few days before your gave this message in church. I have to remember that I see parts of the grand scheme of things and should not lose heart when some things do not make sense to me.

    I’m not sure I would choose the wording, “Hiding from God” as much as saying I hardened my heart because I was afraid of where I was being led. The bottom line for me has been a 180 degree turn around and your message confirmed what I needed to know.

  8. Great intro and illustrations; great use of the survey! Wonderful culturally and contextually accurate way of addressing sin. Thank you for clearing the cluttered ground between us and our calling. (Gorbachev is a Christian?? Amazing!) Ps 139 conclusion from hiding in the dark that is light to Him has been a call to me from long ago.

    Thank you, Mel.

  9. It was great to see you again Mel. ” Where are you? ” is a question that God is certainly asking us often if we are willing to listen to Him , and one that we need to be confronting ourself with often as well. It is helpful, challenging and convicting for this thought to be reverberating in my head.
    Also , the devastating effects of people, institutions, and nations actively suppressing and misrepresenting the great truths of God to the present and upcoming generations is always something that is heavy on my heart and I wish attention was called to it more , so thank you.
    Adding to that , our great obligation and calling as Christians to “teach the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord to the next generation so that people would know them and put their trust in Him” (Psalm 78)”- ” Where are we? ” in this great calling in the church in America today?

  10. The sermon left me to answer a lot of questions in my life about hiding. I have been hiding in relationships, work, and avoidance. The biggest hiding I do is through fear-fear of life. I need to step out and trust the Lord has my back.
    Great sermon.

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