From Chaos to Calm

Are you tired of chaos? Need some peace?

We live in a chaotic world, a chaotic society, and we have chaos within us. God does not want us to be stuck in chaos, but to enjoy the calm of the peace of Christ. When Jesus commanded the winds and the waves to be still (Mark 4:35-41), and when he liberated a man dominated by evil (Mark 5:1-20), he showed us his power and authority by which he stands up to chaos. (A message given at Elmbrook Church, September 15 & 16, 2018.)

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9 thoughts on “From Chaos to Calm”

  1. Hi Mel,
    The message I got on my computer was; “Sorry the video doe not exist”.
    I will say the two text you chose are right on target for preaching and teaching. I would like to see your entire message. God bless your heart and mind as you continue to do this work.

  2. Mel, I am just another one of those who am excited to see you up and walking again and then back on the platform. Thank you for this message. I was going to go back into the church’s website and listen to it again. Now I have it and will pass it on and I can keep it and listen to it over and over.

    Thank You

  3. I am watching this video and am at about the 25 minute mark. You just said that there are no demon possessed people here in “the west”, but I disagree. Take a look in the psych wards. Take a look at many people who are in jail. Take a look at the many autistic people. Look at people who have OCD. I see many people all around me who are living on the street, riddled with crazy thoughts and conspiracy theory ideas. If you think that the devil is not taking hold of millions of people here in America, you are not opening up your eyes. Many demon possessed people are locked away and medicated, so they are not wandering around on the streets, but many of them are still all around us. Jesus shows us that he has authority over the demons who possess these people and they can only leave at His command. These demons HAVE to do what Jesus says. They are not there by accident or without cause. Lord help us! It is a very hard pill to swallow, to realize that Jesus could command these demons to leave people, but He does not. It is the wrath of God and the judgment of God against a perverse and wicked generation. Scary!

  4. Hello Mel,
    Grateful to hear your message on how God brings calm to chaotic times. Elmbrook Church brought calmness to my life at a chaotic time by leading me to Jesus. Even though I now live in AZ Elmbrook will always have a special place in my heart and memories. More importantly Jesus is my friend, yesterday, today and forever.
    I especially needed to hear your message and it helped to bring a calmness to my soul and demeanor from the recent announcement by Gary Gregg.
    Praying that Elmbrook and people involved will be open to Jesus bringing about a calmness to chaotic times.
    God Bless,

  5. Mel, your sermon was divinely timed for the events on Monday and this week.
    Elmbrook was transitioning from one generation to another, getting our congregational feet under us and moving forward. Satan couldn’t stand that. Chaos!

    If people feel our head is gone, they’re wrong! Jesus Christ is our head! We’ve been in crisis before, I remember the Dan Varga situation and many others. The Holy Spirit will guide us through this; we’ll be a more humble, prayerful, grateful and united congregation. We’ll have stronger prayer and teamwork muscles. We’ll know vulnerability and be able to empathize with others and share our lessons learned.

    The older I get the more awful I feel at what is going on around me. What is the world coming to when …….? In my vulnerability I love God more, His sovereignty,
    faithfulness. mercy, and immutability. There is so much more to do and so much hope to do it with.

  6. Dr. Lawrenz,

    Would you consider coming out of retirement as I here a leadership position has opened up at Elmbrook Church?

    A proven quality leader and IMO still young enough for a tough Job!

    Just an opinion…


  7. Dr, Lawrenz,

    I did not attend this past weekends services but my dearest sister in law did and my wife and I watched the service upon the internet.

    We all talked about the scandals at our Church and came to a common agreement that Elmbrook church will recover however, I would advise your leadership not to take a harsh step backwards to the right wing of any agenda as I was in Government employed by America’s oldest agency as I ended my career as an advisor of sorts to their leadership.

    I am just going to give you an honest opinion here as I love Elmbrook Church.

    Elmbrook is a cool stream of moderation and love and the presence of his Spirit as Dr. Briscoe pointed out in his presentation we need to repent and be in a position to gain power from his spirit to give us direction as a people.

    Many Evangelicals have merged the political sphere with the Spirit of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ as that is a grave mistake as his kingdom is not of this world how so?

    Where is the body?

    He ascended to heaven but before he left us 2000 years ago he said that he will send his spirit. That spirit that mystery that something that can’t be nailed down is what Elmbrook is all about as that something that mystery that spirit shall guide us out of this current mess.

    If I could ask a question of any elder of Elmbrook Church as what family is devoid of scandal?

    And when someone close to you or if you yourself sin what is that natural response?

    Why to cover that sin and protect oneself and ones loved ones as this is natural however, when one leads and commands followers one who leads should be above reproach.

    Now, as a teller of good news or an Evangelical do we support our secular leaders unconditionally when they break the laws of the scriptures with impunity?

    Many Evangelicals or tellers of good news think so as is this not hypocrisy? Or, is Elmbrook’s current problem an opportunity to examine our motives from way within our hearts with the intent of doing whats right.

    These are only thoughts and opinions as I have been very Ill this past week and have not been able to cycle on my bicycle to prey for you and Elmbrook church as I would like as I believe that prayer changes many things including this mess we find ourselves in.

    Chaos is opportunity as to live by the spirit means that peace comes from within and not from our outward circumstance as that is how I believe as his spirit is within and gives great power.

    Just an opinion with great love for you…


  8. I acquired some abilities to tell the truth as an advisor of sorts as truth many times is a matter of perspective. Truth is a judgement of sorts and many in Christ say judge not lest you be judged however, leadership of Elmbrook Church has failed in a most spectacular way as who is to blame?

    We as a Church are to blame. Blame is individual in nature as the spirit dictates.

    And my wife and I attended your service at Elmbrook Church this past Saturday our first time back after our leadership failure and the ride to Church in the car if you were a little church mouse would have heard my dear Wife talking about her absolute disgust at what happened and at the same time her feelings of love for Elmbrook Church as we are Couchman Kids and if you remember Win and Bob you would understand.

    I met her at that bible study called Forever Family as that is the gospel you see. near 40 years of marriage and children and grand children all in Christ and his truth as his family is forever. If we think upon these things in the proper perspective then love will guide us to what is the right thing to do.

    Your Sermon was most excellent and appropriate as you pontificated upon our position in Christ a most excellent profession of our shared faith.

    We are all lost. Separated from him. Then we are found and given a spirit most holy and told follow me. Is this not the most simple way to live? However, if we are still and not moving how can one be guided? As he moves should we not move with him and follow?

    And then you preached about the Spirit as a breath of fresh air and you had the whole Church say ahh ahh and as you said we as a Church just preyed as we groaned and did not know what to prey for as that is the spirit led life in my opinion.

    The Spirit was powerful that night at Elmbrook Church just an opinion form no one in particular…

    Lead follow or get out of the way as his Spirit will fix this mess….

    Much love to you from my family to yours as we shall prey for you unceasingly….


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