8 thoughts on “A Word for Christmas and the New Year Ahead”

  1. Thank you for this sermon yesterday. You are the only pastor I have ever listened to that makes me believe on a deep level. I am sorry for the loss of your daughter. My mom died in October of this year. Its a difficult time, however, hearing you yesterday made it a bit easier. God Bless you.

  2. Of course you are right doctor mel

    his kingdom not of this world

    spirit led

    where is our dear Jill?

    Stuart most brilliant but Jill lives him

    In person

    says follow him

    follow follow me

    love is demonstrated

    gospel in front of me

    went to the cross

    didn’t he?

    what would I know…


  3. what does willingness mean?

    To the cross as an enemy or as a friend loving unconditionally

    unconditionally an enemy

    but this his kingdom not of this world

    truth this love your enemy

    as peace is his kingdom

    as in peace we know that love is demonstrated

    as we prey that kingdom brought down to earth

    stuart and Jill the absolute best please pass this on…


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