Things That Remain

In this challenging time when so many things about our normal lives seem to be radically altered, we can look to those qualities of life that never change. The things that remain. Like faith, hope, and love. This message, based on 1 Corinthians 13:13, unpacks those unchangeable realities.

5.17.20 Sermon Edit from Elmbrook Church on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Things That Remain”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed Mel Lawrenz’s weekly devotional. Didn’t know much about him, but now know he is totally likeable…………………………easy going, patient, humble and just a believable, lovely person…………………………..will look forward to his sermons, Thank You.

  2. Thank you for this message. I have truly been struggling with some things especially my health. Vertigo has attacked me and is holding on for dear life and so am I. It makes me feel off-balanced, jittery, shaky, nervous and I can’t concentrate on much of anything. I can hardly open my eyes to see without spinning or becoming dizzy. I’ve prayed and pleaded with God to take this away from me. I become panicky and anxiety sets in and I don’t have a foundation. I thank GOD for you all sending this message of no matter what I’m going through, these 3 remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. Father God, when these feelings come upon me, take my mind and hold on to me. Keep safe from tragedy. I need YOU God. I know you’re able. In Jesus Name. Thank You for helping me to cope until I’m completely healed. Amen.

  3. Thanks for that timely message. Besides all going on in this world, God is good and nothing can separate His love for us . After 29 years of marriage my wife has left me and says she doesn’t t love me anymore, and cannot stay in a passionless marriage, and will not reconcile, and I cannot meet her expectations . We are both Christians ,know Christ and love the Lord. I know Jesus took all my shame,guilt, and despair on His cross , just having a difficult time at this time in my life. He is faithful ?

  4. Angel Flor E. Avellana

    Thanks a lot for this awesome, awakening message.
    Let us continue persevering in faith.
    Pray pray pray.

  5. thank you for the teaching – I have been caring for my special needs daughter who has high risk health issues. She seems to be going through a deeper need of care in the last couple of months and it oftentimes leaves me fearful of what going to medical facilities may introduce to her already compromised immune system. I so needed to hear the words of our loving Father regarding faith, hope, and love. All of these are gifts from Him and I thank you for explaining the importance of holding onto them, finding them daily through Him, and making sure we call on Him daily for the use of His strength in this new world we are living in…I trust in Him to continue to be in control and hope in Him for the care needed to better our world, and love Him deeply for all He has done is doing. Thank you Mel for reminding us of these truths of our Abba God!

  6. This was just what I needed to hear this week. I have felt like a dark cloud has been hanging over our family, our community, our country and our world. Your words have enlightened me and illuminated my thoughts. They have brought me back to the knowledge that King Jesus is THE LIGHT and he promises to never leave us or forsake us. I have Faith that He is my true King. I have hope in the fact that His light will continue to shine. I have Love from my King that is present today and will continue into eternity. Thank you for your words. Deb Brown

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