4 thoughts on “Beyond Boundaries”

  1. This is a beautiful analogy of 4 scenes drawn by Mel Lawrenz from the book of ACTS 10.
    A stunning revelation for the whole world what God intended to reveal through a man of God PETER who was branded well to have denied JESUS thrice during his discipleship with JESUS.This shows how our God understands our human weaknesses,our iniquities and shortcomings.But notwithstanding, He still persists to perform His divine WILL through this fragile human mind.
    This is the stark example of this episode of how the Lord chooses unworthy vessels to be used for His glory.Secondly how He unraveled the plan of salvation for Gentile nation through the Jewish nation as evidenced in the book of Genesis that the promise given to Abraham got fulfilled even these days.Thirdly this is a living example to the Jewish nation that they should come to Jesus for their salvation as they need not boast about themselves that they are only God chosen nation and that rest of the world should be looked with demeanor. Apostle Paul being a Jew stands as a shining example

  2. Thank you for this lesson on how we can become better Christians in these difficult times.
    Thank you Pastor Mel.

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