Good Habits for a Better Year #1

Happy New Year, friends!

Perhaps you have been through the typical ritual of making resolutions for the new year, or perhaps you long ago gave up. I have mixed feelings about resolutions. If they work, and if they aim at a good end, that’s great.

I tend to think of turning points in our lives as the opportunity to make lots of small corrections and commitments. These can become the patterns of a better life. So we’re sending out a short series every couple of days with some small steps.

Talking to God is hugely important for a healthy lifestyle. It begins when we start our day.

So, for today, here is a short “Prayer to Start the Day,” and a children’s version. (One friend told me she and her husband have used this prayer every morning for years.)

A PRAYER TO START THE DAY (from “Prayers for Our Lives” ).

Dear Lord,
As this day begins I confess that I will need you every moment. I long to know you more deeply today. Help me in what I say to other people. Give me wisdom for each decision I will make. Make love and truth the motives behind everything I do. And when I fall short, help me not to give up, but to find an extra measure of your strength. This day is your creation and your gift. I commit my body and spirit to your good purposes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A PRAYER TO START THE DAY, FOR KIDS (from “A Book of Prayers for Kids” )

Thank you, Lord, for this brand-new day.Keep me safe, keep me strong, I pray.Guide my actions, shape my thoughts, tell me what to say.Help me to follow your good, pure way. Amen.

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