A Prayer to Start the Work Day

Lord, I’m going to work now. It seems like it was just an hour ago I was waking up and getting ready to do my work. One day seems to run into the next. So I pray that today you would show me something new,

What a difference 100 years makes

Last week 1,200 Christian leaders from around the world meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, finished a conference on global mission, 100 years after a gathering of 1,000 leaders in the same city convened and prompted the dramatic modern missions movement. They issued the following call, just released.

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RELEVANT has an article on Butchering the Bible out of Context by Josh Loveless; John Ortberg offers some thoughts on “Today’s Most Devalued Virtue: Why Is a Once-Honored Leadership Trait Now Despised?.” How about being careful about our expectations of technology: 4 Myths About Using Technology in Church. And along those same lines, the New York Times has info on …

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The art and spirit of communication

The word “communication” comes from a Latin root meaning “to share.” This ties in nicely to the biblical ideal of koinonia, fellowship, which is “the shared life.”  The aim of communication within the church or other Christian organization and outside it should be “the shared life.” It is not just about passing on information about …

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Should we always back Israel?

Today there is a brief article at Christianity Today online (“Should we always back Israel?”) referencing some of the differing reactions to the violent clash onboard some boats of a small flotilla bringing aid from Turkey to the Gaza Strip. And then there is the strange case of veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who …

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Innovation and leadership

The word “innovation” means “to make new.” It is a skill of life, and it is a central dynamic of leadership. It does not mean discarding the old, but building the new on what preceded. Apple is arguably the most innovative company in the world today. They keep coming out with products that are stunning …

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Welcome to The Brook Network

Download Video: The Brook Network Intro – Apple “MOV” | The Brook Network Intro – Open Format “OGG”

Oil spill a new Pearl Harbor for the evangelical conscience?

Dr. Russell Moore offers this personal word of grief on his blog (the Gulf Coast is his home). In it, he says: After Pearl Harbor, the shortsightedness, and indeed utopianism, of isolationism was seen for what it was. After Roe, what seemed to be a “Catholic issue” now pierced through the consciences of evangelical Protestants …

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For worship leaders and pastors

Here are twelve reasons why I am enthused about our one-day mini-conference coming up soon on Tuesday, June 29, called “Spirit and Truth: Preaching and Creativity in Worship Today.” Teams are welcome!

Are all religions the same?

Are all religions the same? No, of course they are not, though there are points of convergence and commonality all around–like the longing for salvation and the search for a God higher than ourselves.  Hinduism is not the same as Judaism; and Scientology is not the same as Taoism.

25 Ideas on Worship Planning

Thinking ahead to the one day mini-conference on preaching and worship, here are 25 ideas for pastors and worship leaders on worship planning… Plan a time to teach the whole church about the purposes of worship (bowing and serving), but do so only after you have delved into and been inspired by the Scriptural texts …

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Driven to believe

When I turned 27, I was ready for a booster shot of faith. It was a strange set of circumstances and quite unexpected. On my twenty-seventh birthday, I realized that I had reached an age that my father never had. He died of sudden pneumonia that overwhelmed him as he sat in an easy chair …

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Are there dangers in being ‘spiritual but not religious’?

CNN.com raises a very intriguing and important question. Are there dangers in being “spiritual but not religious”? Not needing a community or a church when a beach will do? In a 2009 survey 72 percent of millennials (18- to 29-year-olds) said they’re “more spiritual than religious.” The phrase is now so commonplace that it’s spawned …

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You are needed!

A word from Mel The Brook Network is brand new, but the connections between Christian leaders in all different walks of life and in cultures around the world is tremendous! Please consider 1) using the “Stay Connected” box at the top to get the weekly email with resources for you; and 2) leaving a comment …

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