You are needed!

A word from Mel

The Brook Network is brand new, but the connections between Christian leaders in all different walks of life and in cultures around the world is tremendous! Please consider 1) using the “Stay Connected” box at the top to get the weekly email with resources for you; and 2) leaving a comment in the “Comments” section below with your opinion on: “The greatest need of Christian leaders today is…”

9 thoughts on “You are needed!”

  1. Focusing on what we have been commissioned to do, preach the Word. We know we are on sinking sands so lets not dwell on that part of it. Share with EVERYONE the way of escape.

  2. I signed up! And am looking forward to the opportunity to meet, speak, etc. with fellow workers in the Kingdom.

  3. David Kwarciany

    Where do the Radicals come from? Also, why isn’t this religion verbably putting down the Killing Radicals?

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