Philip Yancey – What Good is God part 2

In part 2 of this interview, Philip Yancey continues a discussion on his recent book What Good is God?: In Search of a Faith that Matters. He mentions speaking at a gathering of professional sex workers. He was brought face to face with stories of people at the bottom, who are disowned from their families and attempting to rebuild their lives on the grace of God.

We all face our own tests of faith, says Yancey, and it’s in these circumstances, and in those of widespread tragedy and difficulty, that we most deeply cling to the truth of God. The title is in response to “new atheists” who consistently raise the question “what good is God?”…the answer, he says, is that the Gospel ultimately transforms hearts and cultures for the better. People don’t go to church because they have their lives together…the go because they need the truth of God and a community of believers to help them get their lives together.

Philip Yancey is editor-at-large for Christianity Today and has written twelve Gold Medallion Award-winning books. His latest, What Good is God?, outlines ten instances in which Yancey has found himself discovering God in unique ways within deeply troubling circumstances. Yancey currently lives with his wife in Colorado.

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