Greater Love

Day 3 of Knowing Him: An Easter Devotional (view all days)

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father’s commands and remain in his love. I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:9-13).

Jesus said, “they hated me without reason.” He was neither the first nor the last person to be subjected to senseless rejection and persecution, but because he was the one perfect, sinless one, the hatred played out against him was the vilest the world would ever see. His haters called light darkness, they saw righteousness and called it wickedness. They even called the work of God the deeds of the devil.

We’ve heard of stories of brave sacrifices–a soldier throwing his body on a hand grenade, a firefighter charging into an inferno only to lose his own life. These are stirring, and they show humanity at its best. But Jesus’ sacrifice was not the impulse of a desperate moment. He moved with resolve toward his own end. There is no greater love. We can look through every page of history and every corner of the universe and we won’t find anything that comes even close. Jesus looked at his friends, told them he would be laying down his life, and then required one simple thing: love each other.

Ponder This: What do you have to say to Jesus who laid his life down for you?

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90 thoughts on “Greater Love”

  1. The head of the body has done this we are to do the same i must do the same the body of Christ must do the same

  2. Donald L. Thompson

    I love JESUS for what HE did for me, layed down HIS life and endued the humility and suffering
    on the CROSS and during HIS trail for ME who sinned against HIM. But HE loved me to do this
    for ME before I knew HIM. Donald Thompson

  3. I think Jesus did sacrifice his life for my sins. His love was great for My life and thats why I will serve Him all the days of my life.What a great love that he bore all my sins that I may have eternal life. No other love is greater than His. For the bible says if you do not love you do not know God for God is love

  4. I know you did this great thing out of love. I know you were sent by the Father to fulfill what was written. I just wish you did not have to suffer so severely for all our sins and you could have come down and the Holy Spirit could have filled the apostles through you with the love that we need to learn. Then they and all that come after could teach your love with compassion.

  5. We are truly blessed that Jesus loves us so much and unconditionally. We just have to believe,
    accept, repent, and follow Jesus to nave eternal life and inner peace.
    Give thanks, praise, and glory to God through Jesus our redeemer.
    Prayers and God’s Love,

  6. Sean McCullough

    Beautiful devotional post & share Mel, thank you… It boggles my mind, heart & soul to think & ponder what the creator of heaven & earth has done for each of us that cross many many years ago… I’m blessed & thankful for His awesome Word & having brothers like you boldly being His hands & feet… God bless you, your entire family & your work Mel… Sean & family
    PS. Mel I would love to connect with you on Face Book here is my personal link…
    PPS… Faith, Hope & Love

  7. Shara Sagraves

    He has proved to me that there is no greater love than himself. JESUS, thank you, I love you and I praise you for paying a price for me that I couldn’t.

  8. Your love has set me free, Jesus and thank you is not enough words to express my gratefulness. Because of you I live and praise your Holy Name. Waiting for the day that we who are in you will be captured up to be with you for eternity. Praise your Holy Name.

  9. I would say that Jesus gave us the greatest act of LOVE that can never be matched!! I (we) will give him praises, honor, glory and thanks eternally.

  10. Thank Jesus,THank You,ThankYou, that U loved Me so dearly in spite of the mess I choose and made of my past life,, U “covered my sins and U Kept & Care,Protected, went before the Father in claimed me as a child of God and then walked that agonizing, painful day to show me & declared Your love & faithfulness to me & the World ,that unconditional Love. thank U that U heard my cry,my prayers and U came & resecued my. Forgave me, and now I am never without U in my life, that now I will have Life eternally. Thank You for makeing me over and make me New in Christ, with a newness of this Life and ALL that I Have & to come, it ‘s because of YOU!!!

  11. David Lattimer

    C.T. Studd said it best, “If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice is too great for me to make for Him.”

  12. he did not have to do it but he did because he loved his Father,no greater love have any man .i’m so glad to know his great love,and know i don’t deserve it.but he loves me this i know..thank you lord Jesus my savior and God my father…

  13. am in deed innocent , pure, a saint . if it wasn’t because of you i would not have been among the friends of GOD.

  14. Regina Ceraolo

    There is no love greater then the love of Jesus, he is our leader, our inner most thoughts. We go to him in prayer we leave all of our troubles in his presence he is our Glorious Warrior. He protects, He trusts us, there is always hope and always his loving ways. In 1st Corinthians it tells us this.
    Thank you for your wonderful words to start a Glorious day.

  15. The only response I can have to this Jesus, the One who knowingly and willingly gave His life, sweat blood, suffered, and died, is to fully yield to Him. My only response is to give to Him what He wants from me – knowing and willing surrender. Just as He did for me. I first yielded my life to Christ 35 years ago. It is a lifetime of surrender.

  16. Thank You sounds so cheap but, what more can be said. I do thank Him and pray that He will let me love others with His great love. Oh, how I love Jesus!!!!

  17. Fred E. Gaffron

    I am so thankful thatJesus laid down his life for me, I surely did not deserve it and it took 66 years before I finally woke up to everything He did for me. For 36 years I played with it and then that love finally went into my heart and I was re-created in His image. Now I am old and wanting all I can get of Him and His goodness
    I played hypocrite for 36 years playing with God and a fleshly life. Now thannks to God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice I an old man am reborn and in love with the Lord. He has become personal to me. He is my Father, I am a joint-heir. I am now an individual created to reflect God’s glory

    1. Thanks for your comments, Fred. I know a lot of folks would agree that they “played with” faith for a long time (as you put it) until taking Christ seriously. May many of us find this time leading up to Easter a surge ahead in “Knowing Him.”

  18. Jesus ,as i leave for home now , i really thank you being with me through out the day . thank you for the price you paid for me . help me to meditate on your goodness as i go through the night and please be with my brothers and sisters who are just starting the day.
    Joyce Uganda.

  19. Jesus is the very reason am still breathing! I could have died countless times before but His Father’s undeserved Grace is always covering my life.I owe Him my whole life!
    Even when am wrong,I pray He always corrects me because without correction there’s condemnation.

  20. jacqueline jeter

    I’m so thakful that JESUS done this for me an others . So that I our life can be what it is today.
    That’s why I love him so.

  21. He died for me, asking only that I love others in return. There’s no way I could find a better bargain anywhere else…

  22. Stephen Plackett

    Jesus came and paid my debt for my sin that I could not pay for in which I am so so grateful for.
    Thank the Lord for this matchless grace and that’s why we can come daily to His throne of grace and still obtain mercy forever. Amen Praise God.

  23. Dear Christ, Who am I that I can talk to you, thank you is that really enough?? I need you. I have no life without you. My will is to follow you..I drop every thing and follow you. Stll how can that be enough?? You laied down your life fo me dear Father, I give to you my life take it and use me for your will is my command…Anything. Please open my eyes and ears so that I my understand your will..Show me the gift you wish me to use.. Please let me not be the seed that perishes in the shallow dirt,,give me root that will become a very fruitful not cut me off and burn me I pray..Thank you for giving your life for mine,,my prayer today and always and forever is to be fruitful and not a waste for your service and glory,,in your name I pray Amen…

  24. I am forever grateful to have a Saviour who never changes, who saw my sin before the foundation of the world and said yes – I will die for her. He’s the perfect model who showed ultimate love, mercy, compassion and steadfast faith in the Father while hanging on that Cross burdened by my sin. I want to possess that kind of love to share with the world – what a change that could effect for His Kingdom. How could I not honour Him in everything I say and do. Thank you Jesus!!!!! I’m so looking forward to spending eternity praising and loving Him.

  25. ginnie roberts

    i am so very grateful everyday that jesus laid down his life for me so i can go to heaven and live my life in love and peace thank you.

  26. JESUS love is amazing!
    My heart’s desire is to share HIS love, even in the face of rejection.
    The Power of His Love will enable me to do so!

  27. I have to let my spirit do the talking, when I’m giving thanks: it feels like mere human words just don’t cut it – not when they’re stacked up against an act of love that huge!

  28. Thank you Lord for your sacrifice and for my salvation!! Thank you for your goodness each and every day, for interceding on my behalf and for loving me unconditionally forever!! I love you Lord!!

  29. Thank You for the example. May I shed this selfish flesh that hinders me from loving others, and put on Your presence everyday so I can love through you.

  30. When I pray I pray in the spirit and all my thanks and burdens are known to him. I thank him every day for dying for me.

  31. I think that what He is asking is not too much and not too hard. It is only one, not ten.
    Considering what He is doing, I think we certainly can and should do this. I will.

  32. I am awed and appreciative of the gift of life that He bought for me. For the high cost He paid…I do not feel worthy of such. His love is so amazing that He always brings me to tears to think of how He voluntarily left all for a sinner like me.

  33. I say it is amazing what you do for me. I am a sinner and will always be. Thanks to you for laying down your life for me to have my sins forgiven. I just can’t believe how much you went thru to take care of me and I am proud to have you as a savior who take care of me and let me confess my sins so that I can move on to help others.

  34. Maggie J. Faulcon

    Lord, I love you and I try daily to live a life that will bring you glory. Thank you for loving mankind enough to give your life so that we may be reconciled with God.

  35. Thank you Lord for loving us upto the point of death, And now Lord i pray that you give us more grace to love each other, in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

  36. Carlton Harding

    Although Jesus showed us so much unreserved love and gave us a way forward, how come we find much difficulty in sharing love with our neighbor? I believe it is because we are caught up in the masquerade of selfishness and greed, the material world has overwhelmed us so much, that we have become blinkered. May the light of the Lord brighten our hearts and our minds to show more love and humanity to our brothers and sisters.

  37. first off I would say thank you. and then tell him I’m now working on doing each day with him and God as my mentor. Have come to know him in a closer relationship lately. better late than never.

  38. I say to Jesus, I really want as many people as possible to take full advantage of what you have done. Please help me in any way that you can to spread the good news of your work for us!
    Thank you!

  39. Russell Ramirez

    I can’t thank you enough my Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins. You finished the curse so I
    can only be Blessed! I love you with all my heart!

  40. I would say thank you Lord for loving me so much.I am grateful.Please help me to be who you want me to be everyday of my life in Jesus name Amen.

  41. To think about the fact that Jesus put one step in front of the other daily, heading straight to the cross, for me is overwhelming. As you said, it wasn’t a spur of the moment, in the heat of the battle decision. It was a daily choice to walk the path towards the cross and lay down his life for me.
    Help me be worthy Father by directing my steps and my thoughts.

  42. Willett Carter

    Thank you Jesus for your gift
    of eternal life. Made possible thru your
    miraculous and unselfish life on earth.

  43. Allwin Bangera

    Thank you Jesus for being with us in all time and showing us the right path. I believe in Son, the father and the holy Spirit. Amen!!

  44. Thank you Jesus for your generous gift of salvation. Your love for us is to be treasured and we must show our love and appreciation for you by being obedient to your Word. Please help me to stay on the path of righteousness that I may not sin against You.

  45. Felicia McCollum

    I say THANK YOU JESUS, It seems as though the World does not appreciate HIS sacrifice because their Love has waxed cold. There is still so much hatred and selfishness in the World but we know that Jesus said be of good cheer for He has overcome the World. John 16:33. THANK GOD FOR JESUS AND FOR HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.. GOD SO LOVE THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE. JOHN 3:16

  46. Eternally grateful for the purest love the world has ever witnessed! What a reminder of tyhe magnitude of God’s love for us that He would send Jesus to die for our sins. The least we can do in response is love Him and love others; by His Spirit it is possible!

  47. I thank Jesus for the Cross and what He has done for me,I’ve been a born again christian for 27 years and in all that time I have lost family and friends for being a christian i even lost my son and my best friend Paul and his father. I know that they are in heaven and now my wife has had a stroak and yes I have ask our Lord Jesus”WHY” my walk with The Lord has been a rocky road but yet I still believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  48. Sarah Jane Walters

    Thank you Jesus. You gave your life for all our sins. I am eternally grateful to be cleansed by your blood.

  49. I would say to JESUS thank you for giving me life, by laying down your life that we may live and have it more abundantly.

  50. Very sobering. Hearing stories about the soldier and the fire fighter who sacrificed their lives brings me to tears, so why does it not bring me to tears every single time I think of the sacrifice God made? That Jesus made? Jesus knew how his life was going to end, he knew the hatred and pain he would endure but he never once waivered from his fathers instruction. I know that our Father does not want us to sit around sobbing for the sacrifice he made, it was made so that we can live a happy, Christ like life. But seeing scripture compared to the solider/fire fighter sacrifice story really puts things in perspective.



  52. I am in awe of his great love and I know that I am worthy of that love because He made it so! I weep when I think of his great sacrifice and the true pain he went through for me. I am so humbled. I will always try to show His great love with other people even though they are some times challenging. Glory to His name, King Jesus!

  53. ~What do you have to say to Jesus who laid his life down for you?~

    You did it for me so I must lay down my life for you every day. {38 And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39 He who has found his [ad]life will lose it, and he who has lost his [ae]life for My sake will find it.} (Matthew 10:38-39)

  54. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Through Your sacrifice You have delivered me from the punishment which I justly deserve for my sins and have, through faith in You, delivered me unto ever lasting life. Thank you for Your love for me and for all of humankind.

  55. Joanessa Barlow

    I am so grateful to know that there is no greater love for me than this love of Jesus Christ . His love has transformed me and shown me that real love may have to hurt but not the receiver just the giver. When we love like Jesus it may cost you and it may hurt but look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others. LOVE


  57. George T. Kunich

    As I approach the end of my days was I enough ? Did I do it right? Were you pleased with my life?
    I thank you for my days and how you saved me from myself. Know that I love you and will always.

  58. I cannot comprehend the love that you have for me. The emotion that I feel right now doesn’t match the way I want to feel about Jesus.

  59. Wamuchefya Mate

    I have to say to Jesus, thank you for dying for me. Thank you that there was no interference from the Father. Thank you, thank you

  60. martin fred kabugo

    That is and will forever be the highest form or expression of love on earth and anywhere else for that matter. Our response should be for us to be sold out for Christ Jesus and live for him.

  61. Thank you my Lord Jesus! I love you with all my heart + you’re my everything. Thank you soo much for paying the debt you did not owe.. help me to others, as you have loved me ~Amen

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