For group or class leaders and pastors…

For group or class leaders and pastors…

So many organizations have concluded in recent years that biblical illiteracy is one of the greatest limiting factors in the lives of believers and in our churches. I’ve been working with Bible Gateway for the past year in preparing a new resource called “How to Understand the Bible.” Starting next week Bible Gateway will be sending out the 30 short pieces I wrote, one a week via email and their blog, answering questions about Bible reading, translations, interpretation, and brief introductions from Genesis to Revelation.

If you know of anyone, or your group or congregation, who would benefit from “How to Understand the Bible,” Bible Gateway has a page describing it, and a place where anyone can sign up to get the weekly emails. Perhaps you’d like to encourage the members of your group or your congregation to individually sign up.

Week 1 is next week, so now is the time to sign up…



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