Prayers to start the day – for kids, for adults

“A Prayer to Start the Day”
Thank you, Lord, for this brand-new day.
Keep me safe, keep me strong, I pray.
Guide my actions, shape my thoughts, tell me what to say.
Help me to follow your good, pure way. Amen.

[from A Book of Prayers for Kids: Ways to Talk to God Every Day]

[go HERE for an audio version of this prayer and a printable PDF]

“A Morning Prayer”
Dear Lord,
As this day begins I confess that I will need you every moment.
I long to know you more deeply today.
Help me in what I say to other people.
Give me wisdom for each decision I will make.
Make love and truth the motives behind everything I do.
And when I fall short, help me not to give up,
but to find an extra measure of your strength.
This day is your creation and your gift.
I commit my body and spirit to your good purposes. 
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

[from Prayers for Our Lives: 95 Lifelines to God for Everyday Circumstances]
LISTEN to audio version of this and other prayers

1 thought on “Prayers to start the day – for kids, for adults”

  1. I wish I’d read this this morning but I have put down in my notes then I will read this every morning from now on I have been in tears literally most of the evening about Jesus passion on the cross for me and I do have a question what is the difference between my soul and my spirit I wants heard that I have a body and I am a spear a soul but what about the spirit in my spirit or soul I would appreciate so much your answering these questions I know it takes time you probably don’t have it in your good timing would you please answer these questions for me God bless you in other words I am a soul and am I simultaneously a spirit what is the difference?

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