Dealing with Life’s Anxieties

We live in an age of increasing worries and anxieties. Jesus’ words “do not worry” from the Sermon on the Mount are very familiar to us, but what did he actually mean? If we look closely, we’ll see how Jesus provided a detailed and practical lifestyle that will lessen the oppression of worry and anxiety. Mel Lawrenz speaks from Matthew 6:19-24, after a light-hearted sketch.

Download discussion questions.

I. The frustrating chase
A. the dilemma of anxiety vss. 25, 27
B. worry about security and image vss. 26-31
C. the problem of the rat race vs. 32

II. The fruitful pursuit
A. pursuing God’s kingdom vs. 33
B. pursuing God’s righteousness vs. 33

III. The present-focused life
A. the treasures of today vs. 34
B. the troubles of today vs. 34

4 thoughts on “Dealing with Life’s Anxieties”

  1. Thanks, Mel..
    As usual ! Insightful, compassionate and mobilizing…. and that’s all specific to me! I know this is well received and applied, as we all carry on together. A personal ‘rev’ happened when Brian was on his way to heaven. I saw his disposition in the midst of a measure of suffering ( no complaining). He had no regrets ( The Cross) and no worries ( the Cross) …. fully satisfied in the present. …. with all of the rest of life in Jesus’ keeping. It’s my constant reference for the sake of all those ‘worries’ ….
    loving you and family ,

  2. Thank you Dr. Lawrence, your sermon today is as always, inspiring and gives as hope and assurance, and the will to do more for God and for our sisters and brothers.
    Praise God and May He continue to bless and inspire you.

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