For those who grieve

A Chronicle of Grief: Finding Life After Traumatic Loss by Mel Lawrenz

  • “Beautifully written. No platitudes, just hard-won wisdom and truth. It gives hope to those grieving, and help for those walking alongside them.”
  • “I came away from this chronicle of grief with renewed hope and encouragement. I’ve read a lot of books on grief over the years, but I would rate this one at the top. Authentic, truthful, and overflowing with hope.”
  • “This book is extraordinary. It is raw and real and at times hard to read, but it is also full of insight and hope….”
  • “As a mother who lost her son to suicide two years ago, I felt this book was honest, insightful and consistent with the best grief counseling available.”
  • “I have already given away several copies of this book to grieving parents. It’s beautifully written and searingly honest while offering hope for a life beyond loss.”
  • “It’s beautifully written, and it left me feeling hopeful and grateful for the advice that all of us will need at some point in our lives.”
  • “I read the book before I gifted it to my friend who lost her husband after a long illness…. Anyone who has suffered a loss in life will benefit from his thoughtful and heartfelt words.”
  • “Deeply moving, providing the reader with a path through their grief and sorrow. I highly recommend buying two -one to read/mark up, and the other to give away.”


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