Mel Lawrenz

Mel Lawrenz serves as Teaching Pastor at Elmbrook Church and is the author of 19 books with InterVarsity Press, Zondervan, Baker, Jossey-Bass, and others.

What communism could not do

While walking around the capital city of Laos, Vientienne, one sees one Buddhist temple after another, and many young men clad in the distinctive orange monks’ robes. Most young men join a monastery or a temple for at least a short period of time in their lives. Laos is one of just a handful of …

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Does God want you to be rich?

While researching the topic of prosperity in the book of Proverbs for a sermon this weekend, I ran across an article in Time magazine called, “Does God Want You to be Rich?” Included are some interesting statistics based on a national survey of Christians in America.

Passing the “so-what?” test in preaching

an article by Stuart Briscoe Gerald Griffith, a pastor and Bible teacher in Toronto and my good friend, one day said to me, “Every week God gives me bread for his people.” I looked him straight in the eye and replied, “That’s true, but you spend a lot of time in the kitchen!”

The Secret – still going strong

You can gain anything you want in life–wealth, health, the perfect mate, the perfect weight, business success, respect from others–literally anything.  That is the proposition and the promise of one of the best-selling books in the past few years, and the documentary film (DVD) on which it is based.  

What house is your God in?

One visually stunning (and sickening) site I recently saw in Thailand and Laos is the “spirit house” that is placed outside virtually every house and business establishment. A carryover from animism, the idea is that these small temples can be the habitation of spirits which otherwise would cause trouble for the owners of the house …

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On changing the world

James Davison Hunter’s new book, To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World, is engendering a lot of discussion. I found this book to be more captivating, compelling, and controversial than any I have read in a long time. People who like the book are hoping it will liberate …

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When we are ill

Does God know I am here?

Yes, absolutely!

Illness can be challenging. Whether you’re here through pre-planning or by emergency, you may be quite uncomfortable, emotionally-fragile, frustrated or fearful. The Holy Spirit will help you find calm in the midst of this uncertainty. These days can become opportunities to review the wonder of life and the depth of your relationship with the Life-Giver and Healer, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob Roberts

Mel talks with Bob Roberts, founding pastor of Northwoods Church in Texas, who has a passion for worldwide ministry that starts with an individual person using the gifts God has given.  His book “Real Time: Linking Your Job with God‘s Global Work“ focuses on getting ordinary people connected with the real world and helps us …

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Adam Hamilton

Mel speaks with Rev. Adam Hamilton on the topic of his newest book, 24 Hours that Changed the World. Perfect for this season of Lent, this interview takes a closer look at the last 24 hours before the crucifixion of Christ and how those moments forever changed the course of history.  For more information and …

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Mark Batterson

In this interview, Mel speaks with the pastor of National Community Church, Mark Batterson, on the topic of his new book, Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity.  “Primal” digs straight into the core of Christianity, dividing into the four challenges of loving God through our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Mark Batterson attended …

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Philip Yancey

In this interview Mel talks with award-winning author Philip Yancey on the topic of “Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference?” which is the title of his most recent book. Many books have been written on prayer, but Yancey‘s book draws out the voices of dozens of life-changing prayer writers in this thoroughly researched book. Philip Yancey …

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Scot McKnight

In this interview, Mel talks with Dr. Scot McKnight on the topic of his newest book, The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How to Read the Bible. In his book, Scot gives tools to help people dig into the Scriptures, especially tough passages, in a way that makes them more accessible, and he encourages people to read …

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